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Shown with 3 20" x 30" frame-less images infused on an aluminum sheet. Example: 2 Horizontal + 1 Vertical is 80" wide + the 2 small gap spaces between images.

Pelican Triptych is shown with 3 20"x40" frame-less.
Abstract Smoke-Collection-1Gulf Coast-Collection-2Gulf Coast-Collection-3Gulf Coast-Pelican-TriptychNew Mexico-Collection-1New Mexico-Collection-2New Mexico-Collection-3NOLA-Collection-1NOLA-Collection-1aNOLA-Collection-2NOLA-Collection-3NOLA-Collection-4NOLA-Collection-5NOLA-Collection-6Sedona TriptychTX-Divided HouseholdTX-Hill Country-Collection-1TX-Hill Country-Collection-2TX-Lukenbach-Collection-1