You don't take a photograph, you make it. - Ansel Adams

Full awareness of what makes a good photo is essential to taking & creating great photographs. Why would anyone be interested in this photo and what elements can be included or excluded to make it truly great?

It starts with the camera-equipment and knowing how to use it in various, often challenging, situations.

You take the photo, now you create a compelling photograph.

The post processing is where the creative part starts. I'm not shy about using various digital tools available. I'm not necessarily trying to recreate the scene I photographed, I'm trying to create my interpretation and bring out the essence of an object, scene, a moment, by applying my style and making it a better & a more appealing photograph.

My passion for photography began with the film era in high school & college. Like most beginning photographers, I always loved taking photos of almost anything. During the heart of my corporate technical & management career my photography passion took somewhat of a back seat.

Later in life & into the digital age, when DSLR's finally offered film-like high resolution & quality, I renewed my passion.

Shooting RAW format introduced me to the necessary post-processing & the creative advantages it offers.

With this, top equipment & a compelling main subject selection I am able to better portray my 'style'. Incorporating bold colors, strong textures & fine detail to help bring out the essence of an object, place, time... a moment.

I improved how my images display further by adding monitor calibration, printer color profiles, the sharp & wide color gamut of Giclee printing, fine art rag paper and archival/conservation materials into the process with stunning results.

Sales to family & friends generated more interest and more sales, and my wife's encouragement pushed me over the edge on the decision to start selling at art shows.

From a personal viewpoint I now feel my work is really displayed at a level I imagined it could be. I am quite excited & proud of my images.

The response at art shows has been very very satisfying.

I strive to present photos that cause a reaction in people, often making a personal connection and want to make my photo a part of their lives.

Step into my photographs with me!